FREE ICE WATER is about conversations.  One on one, distractions free, unplugged, in real life conversations about meaningful stuff.  The idea is that you find someone to have a real conversation with, about something that they/you struggled with in their/your life, a struggle that may have changed the direction of one of your lives, and made you who you are today. The mason jar will serve as a container for that conversation, and will be displayed with other conversations that have taken place thus far.

How do I participate?

  • You can bring a friend or stranger to Mixed Greens Gallery, 531 W 26th St. NYC, – 10am to 5pm* Tuesday-Friday and 11am to 5 pm* on Saturdays, and have a conversation in the gallery or the immediate vicinity.  June 11th – July 17th, 2015
  • You can purchase an item from the artist on eBay (temporama) and he will send you a DIY FREE ICE WATER Kit, that you can complete at home.
  • You can find your own “Perfect Mason” jar,  an hour of time, someone to talk to and then send an update to the artist at temporama [at] gmail.com

Here is a step by step guide:

Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary materials: a “Perfect Mason” jar like container with a tightly sealing lid, a sharpie marker, a conversation token** access to ice cold water and the instruction packet.  If you are in the Gallery there is a suitcase with all of the necessary supplies.   Step One - Free Ice Water

Find someone to have a conversation with.  You don’t have to know them first.

Step Two - Free Ice Water
Reserve a block of uninterrupted time (45min to an Hour.) Turn off phones, radio, music etc. Turn phones all the way off, not to vibrate, not to silent mode, totally off.  The conversation must be uninterrupted.  Insert off phones into the provided  6×9 Envelope and seal with clasp.

Step Three - Free Ice WaterFill jar completely to the brim with ice cold water from office water cooler. Set between you and the person you are talking to.Step Four - Free Ice Water

Have real conversation.  Take your time, allow for silences, avoid small talk. Listen. Care.

Step Five - Free Ice WaterAt end of the conversation offer your partner the FREE ICE WATER mason jar to drink as much water as they need/like.

Step Six - Free Ice WaterThen you take a drink from the same jar of as much water as you need/like.Step Seven - Free Ice Water

Refill the FREE ICE WATER jar brimming to the top, try not to leave any a space for air.  Then you both sign and date the lid next to where I signed it, give the token to your partner and ask them to drop it in the Jar.  Take turns sealing the lid as tight as possible.

Now What?

You have completed the artwork.

If you are in the Gallery: Please take the completed piece and place it on your prefered shelf on the wall, place the displaced empty mason jar back in the suitcase.  Inside your packet there should have been two Free Ice Water tokens.  The complete one without any cutout still attached should be already in the jar.  The second one has the jar cut out of it and each of you should keep one part as record of your conversation. (Ideally the invitee should get the jar shaped coin and the person who arranged the conversation should keep the outer coin.)

If you are using a DIY kit:  Now you have to decide what to do with the thing that you made.  What is it?  Is it art? Or is it a jar with a coin in it?  Maybe it’s both.  Please document where the jar ends up.  (Ideally the invitee should get the jar as a gift, just as the the person who arranged the conversation received the Jar from the artist as a gift)

You can send updates about the jar or your conversations to the artist at temporama [at] gmail.com or via the self addressed stamped 6×9 envelope that you received.

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