Martha Wilson @ The Franklin Furnace

My therapist tells me if I am carrying more than one bag that I should “check myself before I wreck myself” – that is not a direct quote, but I always think of that when I am carrying too much shit around. When I visited Martha Wilson in August of 2013, I was rolling a mini Billy Bookcase around the broken sidewalks of Brooklyn, like the one that Johan Lindquist and I built in Sweden. It was bungee corded together and had the leftover panels from my car’s former roof-rack, which I had just flattened in a manhattan parking garage. I has some serious “baggage” both literally and physically. Martha as usual was unphased by my absurd appearance and participated in one of the earliest Free Ice Water conversations.  Here is the “Perfect Mason” that we made and where it sits in her office at Franklin Furnace at the Pratt Institute.

Martha Wilson's "Perfect Mason" 2013

Martha Wilson’s “Perfect Mason” 2013

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