Lynn Sachs

Lynn Sachs is an amazingly talented documentary filmmaker who I had an opportunity to speak with in the Gallery at the end of the day on Friday June 12th. We only had a half an hour to talk because the gallery was closing but we continued our conversation on the High Line as we walked south towards the new Whitney Museum of American Art. She already knew a little about “Free Ice Water” because I gave her a FIW kit in February after I saw her Film/Installation “Every Fold Matters“.

We talked about “Invisibility”. About wanting to be invisible, about feeling invisible, about it’s superhero qualities and the idea of not being seen, acknowledged or known. She told me a story about being nine or ten and shimmying across the top of the “monkey bars” on the “jungle gym” imagining herself invisible. (We also talked about jungle gyms being renamed “the playground equipment.”) I have been recording some of my conversations and will be posting some of them to my soundcloud channel if you want to hear them.

knows he is among the lucky few to see this.

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