New Dominion @ Mixed Greens

Free Ice Water is currently on display at Mixed Greens Gallery, 531 w 26th St, NYC, as part of the New Dominion exhibition curated by Lauren J. Ross.  John Freyer hosted a series of one on one conversations in the gallery during the run of the exhibition.


John D Freyer – FREE ICE WATER

In 2013, John Freyer begun Free Ice Water, an art project in which he sits down with individuals for conversation over a Mason jar filled with ice water. Intended to be focused and uninterrupted, this conversation can be around personal, even difficult topics. At its conclusion, the participants sip the water, drop a small object of personal significance into the jar, then seal and sign the jar with its lid. This ongoing project is loosely based on therapeutic methods of treating substance addiction, and arose from the artist’s questioning of his own dependency on alcohol.

Free Ice Water offers the possibility of art as a gesture of giving; a humble service, free of charge, intended to encourage moments of self-reflection and sharing between people. Each jar offers something universal—water, one of the most basic, elemental needs—combined with something very individualistic, as captured in the object and signatures.

Lauren J. Ross, Curator
Institute for Contemporary Art
Virginia Commonwealth University

Bring a friend, find a boo, meet a stranger // Come participate in John Freyer's Free 💸Ice❄️Water💧 project ~ #freeicewaternyc

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Grab a buddy, date or pick up a stranger in Chelsea & come participate in John Frayer's FREE ICE WATER project. #freeicewaternyc

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