Trey and Bianca Sager

Trey and Bianca met up with me @ Mixed Greens on Saturday June 13th. Instead of talking in the gallery we decided to walk up to the High Line to have our conversation.  Trey and I were roommates in college and were pretty much inseparable for four or five years.  Until June, 2014, we had not seen each other or spoken face to face since 2001.  We have been in regular contact this year.  We talked a little about why we were estranged for more than 13 years, but we mostly talked about Trey’s loss of his mother at sixteen.  He is almost her age when she passed.  I asked him if having Bianca in his life has offered him any insight into how his mother felt when she was Trey’s age.  It was really great to spend some time with both of them and sit in one place for a conversation.  Even with the throngs of people on the High Line.

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