Ella Waterworth

Ella Waterworth is from Perth, Australia. She walked into the “New Dominion” opening because there was a 10 gallon water cooler out on 26th Street and it was hot as snot outside. She was the perfect person to have the first “Perfect Mason” conversation within the gallery the following day. We talked about the origins of the project, sobriety and insanity and then I asked her what change in her life made the most lasting mark on her trajectory.. Or in less jargonese.. “What path lead you here, to this time and place?”

She thought for a while and she told be about turning 18 and being emancipated by her family. Her dad said “You are an adult now” and she had to go and make her own way at age 18. She worked for a year saving money so that she could get as far away from Austrailia as possible. She went to a travel agent, and asked what the furthest place away on the globe would be? A spin of the globe drew a perfectly straight line to Costa Rica. She stayed as long as her savings would support her and learned at 19, what it meant to be “rich” even though she only had a years savings from working a manual labor job in Australia. She met truly rich Americans living there for the surfing season, and Costa Ricans working for nearly nothing doing odd jobs for the tourists. It forever changed the way that she saw the world and her place in it. She refocused her life to be in service of others, she currently works in social work in Perth.

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