Nina Katchadourian Catalog – Tang – All Forms of Attraction

fiw_17 I met Nina Katchadourian in Iowa when she was a visiting artist. I think we took her out to a pretty sad/salty Cajun restaurant that was opened by hurricane katrina refugees. Their story did not make the food taste any better.

She is an amazing artist who I recently found out was a participant in the marshmallow experiment. She must have waited for the 2 marshmallows. I always tell my students that visiting artist talks are the most important events in their art school career & that they should go no matter what. Meet every artist you can! I am so glad that I had a chance to see Nina talk about her work. And I’m at a loss to explain how this book she traded with me can still be in it’s shrink-wrap? What good is an unopened book?


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