Free Ice Water?

Perfect Mason Free Ice Water Kit
What are you talking about?  On one hand, the title says it all.  This is a project where people have conversations over ice water. The project is an exercise of the Gift Economy.  Even though I am distributing FREE ICE WATER Kits via my eBay sales, you can’t purchase a kit by itself.  It only comes as a FREE gift with every eBay sale. I am selling one object a day in 2015, mostly for fun but also to get these kits sent out across the country and the globe.  Everything is listed at .99.  From a L Series Canon Lens to A ROCK. You don’t need a kit to participate in FREE ICE WATER, all you need is someone to talk to, a distraction free hour, a sealable glass container (I use blue mason jars), a sharpie marker, and some ice water.  Check out the Step by Step

Free Ice Water Map

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