Alaina’s Lucky 21 Vegemite – All My Life for Sale part II


OK I think I am selling in themes now; camera gear, toys, and now more inedible food.  This is a jar of Vegemite that I purchased from Alaina M. Doten when she re-did All My Life for Sale in 2002.  She contacted me after I was done and asked if she could do the project again.  Of course I said yes.  Not that I had any right to say no.  A performance is different every time is it done, and with a different performer the project reached a totally different audience.  Now you can be part of all three projects and own the luckiest jar of Vegemite ever sold on eBay.  GUARANTEED

Canned Surf & Turf – Ham – Oysters – Sardines


I haven’t had a single bidder opt for a print. Maybe this one will convince them. Shipping canned ham via priority mail seems a little much, no? That said, the ham is from my book tour (14 years) it has all the dates from the tour on a sticker that looks like a food facts label. The sardines and oysters are still within their edible window. But this ham could be a killer! All auctions also include a FREE ICE WATER kit. As always high bidders can opt for a signed 8X10 print instead of the item.

“IT’S ON THE SYLLABUS” T-Shirt – Hen Laying Egg


I used to wear this on the first day of class. The problem is that with me it’s not always on the syllabus. I make changes to the schedule as needed, depending on the needs of the class. So maybe a t-shirt that says it was on the syllabus. My friend Kelly Flynn’s company Hen Laying Egg make these. Are you an everything on the syllabus type?


Otterbox Defender Phone Case for Samsung Note II


I bought my mother-in-law Helen the biggest smart phone I could find, which at the time was the Galaxy Note2. I installed an application launcher for senior citizens which has 4 giant buttons and oversized text. Her only request was that I program one of the buttons to open jimmybeans yarn site. She hated how big this case was so I got her one that looks like a little book instead. All auctions also include a FREE ICE WATER kit. As always high bidders can opt for a signed 8X10 print instead of the item.

Locks from last storage unit I will ever have – Promise


When I moved to Richmond I took out a long term lease for a studio space that I could not afford, that had more space than 10 artist could share. Then I proceeded to fill it up with stuff that I thought I needed, or someone else would need. Everything was a potential art project. In reality nothing in that space was an art project. Unless scraping up asbestos tile qualifies as art practice. In the end the landlord and I came to an understanding that everyone would be better off If I broke my unaffordable lease. I put the crap I accumulated in storage at the Lombardi St. Uhaul in Richmond and pretended like it wasn’t there. Over the last year I emptied out all four of the units that I had, one by one, with Craigslist and the uhaul “take it or leave it”. I probably saved 3 boxes from however many hundreds of cubic feet of storage. I’m lucky that I didn’t end up on an episode of Hoarders or Storage Wars. I emptied out the last paid unit today before it renews tomorrow. Here are the locks and keys.

Olympus VF-2 Electronic Viewfinder OM PEN & Leica X 1004 -14440


I sold my Olympus ep-3 to Zarela this summer.  I could not find this thing anywhere.  We moved 3 times in three years, from Iowa to Sweden and back, from Iowa to Richmond and then we moved for a 3rd time going from one house in the Fan to another.  I just assumed that this was lost in the shuffle.  If you searched for this you know what it is.  If you’re looking to participate in FREE ICE WATER on the cheap this item isn’t the best choice.  It’s one of the best electronic viewfinders made for the Olympus Pen cameras and a few of the Leica’s as well.

Sasha’s Yashica T4 Super – Zeiss *T Lens

fiw_09After I sold my T4 Super during All My Life for Sale I started borrowing Sasha’s. She also bought a painting by my friend Trey. When we married I guess I got them back, or at least 50% back. It has a roll of Kodak film in it with 19 exposures. If you win this please let me know if there are any good pictures on it.

Original Fitbit Ultra Fitness Tracker


Fall is fondue season and with fondue comes high cholesterol and gout. I bought this Fitbit when my doctor and friend Jason Powers told me that if I didn’t eat right and exercise I’d soon be on the gout highway. I could never remeber to wear this thing, and my phone tells me most of what this can, albeit with less precision. I never got the gout but my current doctor told me to lay off the fondue too.



When I was in 6th grade my friend and I decided that we should have nick names, not understanding that you couldn’t really adopt your own nicknames. Mine was ACE.. ACE; imagine an 82lb scrappy little kid who joined the wrestling team. Maybe I could pull off ACE if I was an amazing wrestler. That was not the case. During my first meet, against my first opponent, my arm was broken in three places on the first move. ACE is a much better comb than a wrestler.

Swiss Military Watch – Silver


I have have received two watches from girlfriends in my life and shortly after I received them the relationships broke apart. The more expensive the watch the more quickly the demise. I bought this for myself in 2013, and started buying rings and bracelts to go with it. Thank God that the inevitable happened again and the breakup soon followed: because the John Freyer who bought this watch for me just wasn’t right for me.