Constantine’s “Perfect Mason” – Seed Saver.

Iowa City is on my brain because I am here for this week and next. When I drove through to pick up the contents of my studio at the University of Iowa in 2013, I installed a temporary show in the Eve Drewelowe Gallery in the Studio Arts Building. It was kind of a show and kind of a mess, but I was able to show 10 years of work that was in storage and install the first iteration of Free Ice Water. Constantine helped me de-install the show on the day I left town. Lots of stuff was thrown away. At that time I wasn’t sure what the “Perfect Mason” jars were really. I gave Constantine one and when I visited him this week I found it in a place of honor holding castor bean seeds in his kitchen.

Ian Berry @ The Tang, Saratoga Springs, NY.

Ian didn’t quite know what he was in for when he told me to stop by The Tang Museum in August 2013, but the gathering storm clouds upon my arrival might have clued him in. Just after I set up my table and chairs out on the lawn, the sky broke loose and soaked me through. We moved inside and we figured out how/what we were doing. Ian sent me a set of images of the assorted “perfect masons” that we made that day. This image is of the bookshelf in his office. My VCU colleague, Hope Ginsburg’s blue sponge is just to the left. What a perfect pairing really.

This is a "Perfect Mason" from one of the first Free Ice Water "Interventions" in 2013.   It was a bit chaotic but Ian and the Staff @ the Tang saved their Mason Jars.

This is a “Perfect Mason” from one of the first Free Ice Water “Interventions” in 2013. It was a bit chaotic but Ian and the staff @ The Tang Museum saved their Mason Jars.

Martha Wilson @ The Franklin Furnace

My therapist tells me if I am carrying more than one bag that I should “check myself before I wreck myself” – that is not a direct quote, but I always think of that when I am carrying too much shit around. When I visited Martha Wilson in August of 2013, I was rolling a mini Billy Bookcase around the broken sidewalks of Brooklyn, like the one that Johan Lindquist and I built in Sweden. It was bungee corded together and had the leftover panels from my car’s former roof-rack, which I had just flattened in a manhattan parking garage. I has some serious “baggage” both literally and physically. Martha as usual was unphased by my absurd appearance and participated in one of the earliest Free Ice Water conversations.  Here is the “Perfect Mason” that we made and where it sits in her office at Franklin Furnace at the Pratt Institute.

Martha Wilson's "Perfect Mason" 2013

Martha Wilson’s “Perfect Mason” 2013